Scilab 6.1 for IoT (PC - 2/2) : Creating a Connection to the Cloud (Thingsboard)

Scilab 6.1 for IoT (PC - 2/2) : Creating a Connection to the Cloud (Thingsboard)

This article will guide you on how to create a connection to the cloud in Scilab. If you do not have an account already, go to and create a new demo account. 

1. To create a connection to Thingsboard in Scilab, you will need the following:
  1. A device ID
  2. A device's access token
  3. User authentication
2. The device ID and access token can be obtained by looking at the device's details. If you use the Thingsboard demo account, you would see several demo devices. You can use any of these devices or create a new device.
3. Select one of the devices and go to Details.

4. Click COPY DEVICE ID to copy the ID and assign it to a Scilab variable.
  1. device_id = "THE_DEVICE_ID"
5. Repeat the same with device access token by clicking COPY ACCESS TOKEN.
  1. device_acc = "THE_DEVICE_ACCESS"
6. The user authentication is your login username and password separated by a colon ( : ).
  1. userpw = ""
7. Create a connection using iot_init.
  1. thingsboard1 = iot_init("thingsboard", "deviceid",device_id, "post_acc",device_acc, "auth",userpw)
8. This connection can now be used to send and retrieve data from the cloud.

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