Scilab 6.1 for IoT (RaspPi - 1/3) : Setting Up Raspberry Pi 4 for IoT

Scilab 6.1 for IoT (RaspPi - 1/3) : Setting Up Raspberry Pi 4 for IoT

This is a quick start tutorial to turn your Raspberry Pi 4 into IoT "Things" with Scilab. We have prepared an SD card image for this purpose, with all the software pre- installed. 
1. Download the image form the link below.

SHA 256 : 3d9fa969a9017fa827c6c569c78df587aef30bd983d2cb87c9eccc694f4cdf3a

2. Extract the image using application such as 7z for windows.
3. Burn the image to a SD card (Min 4G, Class 10) 
4. Boot the image in Raspberry Pi 4. 
5. The username and password for the login is pi and raspberry respectively. (this is raspbian base image). 
6. During the first boot, you might want to  resize the file system from the setup menu.
  1.  sudo raspi-config
7. Choose [7 Advanced Options] --> [A1 Expand Filesystems]

8. After reboot, the file system will be expanded. 
9. In terminal, run the command to launch Scilab Command Line Interface.
  1. pi@raspberrypi:~ $ scilab-cli
Scilab branch-master (Mar  1 2020, 16:03:05)
Start Bytecode IOT Module 2.0 for Raspberry Pi

10. You're now ready to use the Scilab 6.1 for IoT in Raspberry Pi!

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